In what has to be one of the weirdest ways to promote a movie, the Matrix Awakens teases you to experience…something. Fine and good, we’ve had tie-in experiences before. The Spider-Man VR experiences on the Playstation VR and the Alien Experience comes to mind.

Those experiences though…they let you play them as soon as they became available.

The Matrix Awakens? It doesn’t. It’s not even apologetic about it.

The Matrix Awakens

On its product page, it proudly states that it’ll be revealed on December 9.

Now, the optimist in me believes that on December 9 (or 10 here in SG), we’ll all be able to boot up the experience and jack into the Matrix.

The cynic in me though…that one is a bit harder to convince.

Why you ask?

Read the descriptive bit at the end. ‘…when the experience will be revealed.’

Does that sound like it’ll be playable then? Revealed could just mean that the experience is shown off, but is still not playable.

Eh…maybe I’m reading too much into this.

I guess we’ll all be finding out soon enough anyways.

If you’re up for downloading it, the Matrix Awakens (which is 29.1GB on the Xbox Series consoles) is only available for the next generation of machines. That means owners of the Playstation 4 and Xbox One are out of luck. Don’t even talk about the poor Nintendo Switch owners.

The reason is probably because the Matrix Awakens is on the Unreal Engine 5, Epic’s swankiest version of their game engine. It’s the hottest thing in town right now (and will be for years to come). With great power however, comes great hardware requirements.

You get where this is going right?

Yup, no love for old and underpowered (in the case of the Nintendo Switch at least) consoles.

Time for an upgrade.

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