Klipsch has finally joined the Active Noise Cancellation(ANC) bandwagon with the Klipsch T5 II True Wireless ANC earphones! We’ve been reviewing Klipsch’s awesome earbuds since they first came out, and then later with the Sport version of the Klipsch True Wireless II.

In each iteration of the earbuds, the quality keeps getting better and better.

Now, it’s high time for the Klipsch T5 II True Wireless ANC!

Will the upgraded Klipsch T5 II True Wireless ANC be as good as its competitors? Read on to find out! (Psst.. ANC is not the only best feature we found out.)

What is the Klipsch True Wireless II ANC?

There is no doubt, this is a major upgrade from the T5 II TRUE WIRELESS. If you have not read the review on the T5 II TRUE WIRELESS, you can read it here.

Dirac® Enhanced HD Sound

Klipsch T5 II True Wireless ANC are the world’s first True Wireless headphones integrated with Dirac® HD Sound, a state-of-the-art digital audio performance enhancement technology. The Dirac® enhancement is really special and creates a sense that you are enclosed in a sound room. It improves the overall staging, clarity, vocal crispness and bass fidelity. You will be able to turn on/off the Dirac® HD Sound in the Klipsch App, but I would recommend to keep it on as once you on it you will never want to turn it off.

Design and Comfort

One of the main selling point of the Klipsch True Wireless ear buds are its stylish design and solid charging case. It is available in three trendy colors (Gunmetal, Silver and Copper) and a special McLaren limited edition for those who got deeper pockets.

The wireless charging case with the ear buds weighs a whopping 82.4g which felt is good as it felt expensive. The ear buds themselves are only 5.5g which is light weight and both buds are inscribed with the brand’s logo, giving it a cool factor to it.

The design of the ear buds though light can be a tad big as compared to other brands, however Klipsch provides a total of 5 other pairs of patented oval ear tips ranging from small to large+ to provide the user with a comfortable fit.

After trying on the earbuds for a week, I find that the ear buds are easy to wear. Unlike other’s which I had to twist and turn to find the optimum position. The T5 II ANC fits well on the first try, maybe due to the shape and larger sized casing. It can ‘feel’ be abit strange at first as if the ear buds are going fall out anytime but the oval tips did a good job of holding it in my ear. Once you get used to it, it is actually quite comfortable to wear. I wore it throughout the Gamescom 2021 convention and the only time I took it off was when I have to recharge it. It lasted around 6 hours before I needed a full recharge which the charging case easily provided with a reserve of 21hours.

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)

The ANC feature which is the highlight of this product utilises a two-mic hybrid, feedforward and feedback ANC for maximum noise cancellation. I would say that the ANC did quite a good job of cancelling most of the environments background noise. Once activated the ANC produces a faint white noise which is unnoticeable in a normal environment setting. Even while in a convention setting, I was able to fully immerse in my Coldplay soundtrack. With a touch of a button, the hustle and bustle totally disappeared.

Klipsch also added a Transparency mode which can be turned on with a click on the left earbud, it produces a low “hum” which allows sound from the outside world into your ears, so you know what’s going on around you. Although I still have to strain to hear my colleague talking to me with the music and transparency mode on, I was able to respond and know that someone is talking to me.

BRAGI MOVES Hands free system

A built-in Bragi operating system with embedded AI allows for Bragi Moves hands-free, advanced gesture-controlled experiences. This innovative operating system is a life changing technology which frees up my hands while performing tasks like changing soundtracks, picking up/ending calls. The gesture controls can be activated by rotating your head three times. This can look abit awkward in public and did made myself dizzy while I was taking a call while driving. I do hope that we can reconfigure the gesture control to something simpler.

The Bragi operating system also comes with a 6 band EQ with multiple presets. Sidekicks which are smart actions which can automate Transparency mode with calls or ANC with music. An active Noise Shield helps protect your ears from unexpected loud noises while using transparency mode. Voice Awareness allows you to hear your own voice naturally while on calls.

The Bottom Line.

The Klipsch T5 II True wireless ANC in my opinion is a big step forward from the original T5 II series. For the price of S$449, not only will you get a top of the line sound quality boosted with Dirac® Enhanced HD Sound. You will also get to enjoy the BRAGI MOVES gesture control and its sidekick presets. The product feature which is the ANC is as good as it comes but I feel that the surprise addition of Dirac® and BRAGI operating system really upped Klipsch’s game in the TRUE Wireless earbud segment.


Expensive but quality all around.

The Good

  • Immersive and quality sound
  • Gesture Control
  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • Stylish and sleek looking

The Bad

  • Expensive
  • Battery life can be better
  • Not the best ANC in the market

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