I don’t know what is going on in the new Matrix. Keanu Reeves and Carrie Anne-Moss are back as Neo and Trinity…which is really damn weird considering both died in Matrix Revolutions. Lawrence Fishburne seems to be MIA too, but that’s not a surprise considering that his character, Morpheus, died in the Matrix Online. Last I heard, that’s still canon so his character death might still be legit. With The Matrix: Resurrections though, it might seem everybody that’s was dead is alive again!

Anyways, The Matrix: Resurrections is set to hit in December but there’s pretty much been no footage of the film out!

Enter the website!

Like Neo’s infamous choice, you can now choose between taking the Blue Pill, or downing the Red Pill. Or you know…doing both.

The Matrix: Resurrections

Whatever your choice, you’ll get to view cool snippets of what seems like Neo fighting and walking and being generally cool. Both the Red and Blue Pills have different footage, so if you want to see them all, make sure to click the other pill once you’re done with one.

I really love that the website knows what time it is and says it in the voiceover…really makes it seem like it’s aware. It’s pretty cool and I really hope the movie has bits like this.

While the website is pretty cool…it’s really barebones right now. With the film’s real trailer supposed to drop any time now (the website says tomorrow), I hope that’ll mean the site evolves and becomes more interesting as movie’s release gets closer.

Before that though, you might want to binge the original Matrix trilogy to brush on your lore. Oh, don’t forget the awesome Animatrix too! Who knows…maybe there’ll be easter eggs from that series in the new movie!

The Matrix Resurrections is planned for a December 22 2021 release in cinemas and on HBO Max.

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