Shang-Chi, Marvel‘s Master of Kung Fu might not be a household name…yet. Despite being an Avenger, a Hero for Hire and on a myriad of other teams, Shang-Chi hasn’t been as prolific in Marvel Comics as Marvel’s other martial artist. You know who I’m talking about…Yup, that’s right, Iron Fist.

That’s a shame though…as I really think Shang-Chi’s a much more interesting character compared to Danny Rand. It’s heartening to see that Marvel Studios thinks so too, as he’s finally getting a movie of his own…and the first trailer’s just dropped!

Here’s your first look at Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings!

Nothing too spoilerific…we get some fight scenes and set pieces, a little insight into Shang-Chi’s backstory and of course, our first look at Tony Leung’s Mandarin. Yup, this is the real Mandarin, not the fake one portrayed by Sir Ben Kingsley in Iron Man 3.

Whether he has his iconic ten rings (each with a different power!) is still up in the air right now though. While the trailer does show the Mandarin, it doesn’t show his fingers! Damn you Marvel! Damn you and your evil, evil teases!

Here’s the who’s who behind the movie.


Shang-Chi will punch (and kick) his way into cinemas later this year, September 3 to be exact!

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