So you subscribed to Disney+ and you want to watch every single MCU movie in a massive marathon that will make you and the couch a single entity. You hop on to the streaming service and notice something peculiar…Spidey’s missing! What happened to the web-slinger? Ask Netflix and Sony Pictures.

While Spidey is Marvel property, Sony Pictures holds the license for him in media. That’s why Sony has a stranglehold on all things Spider-man for the last two decades. Sony is still holding onto the web-slingers cobwebs and this time Netflix has dibs.

In a recently released statement, Netflix’s announced that it has exclusivity rights to all Sony pictures from here on out, till 2026.

Netflix and Sony Pictures

That means no Sony movie will appear on ANY other streaming platform. Not the upcoming Uncharted movie. Not the Mobius movie. Not the Venom sequel. Not the next Spider-man movie. Nothing.

It’s especially crushing for Disney+. One of their biggest selling points is that they have Marvel with them. Considering that the two Spider-man movies (Homecoming and Far From Home) are some of the best MCU films, it must rankle the big wigs at Disney that they’ve not managed to get Sony in their camp.

For the next few years, due to the Netflix and Sony Pictures deal, you’re going to want to have a Netflix sub to watch the web-slinger in action…

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