Square Enix sure knows how to milk wallets dry. With yesterday’s revelation of Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete coming to 4K UHDs, you’d think we’d all be tapped out with Final Fantasy news for the week. Not so…behold the Final Fantasy VII Advent Children watches!

The watches come in two different sizes; 34mm and 39mm. There’s also a limited edition version of them, with an added subdial. I have to admit, they do look pretty decent, though the strap kind of kills the overall look. I’d have preferred a more customized looking one rather than a plain jane strap to go along with the watch.

What particularly gets me is the embossed wolf design. It’s not too in your face, but still prominent enough to be visible. Sadly, there’s no Sephiroth version with a single angel wing…I’d have preferred that a lot more since I’m partial to Sephiroth than Cloud.

Here’s what the official Square Enix store’s product page has to say (note this is for the 39mm limited edition version):

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children watches

Not bad, not bad.

So…what’s it going to set you back?

Brace yourself.

It’s US$299 for the normal versions and US$349 for the limited edition ones. YOWZA!

That’s a whole lot of Gil for these watches! They’re not even branded or collaborative items, just normal watches with the Final Fantasy VII Advent Children trappings. Sadly, I would’ve actually considered these if they were priced lower. At US$299 or US$349 (not including shipping to Singapore), it’s a hard pass.

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