Ah yes, the internet. The intangible lifeline of the current day Man and Woman. And it’s not even an exaggeration to say that most of our sanity depends on having proper access to it; its the damn irrefutable truth.

Yet, most of us have no clue how the heck any of it works at all with the routers, modems and never-ending wirings. As long as it gets the job done of providing us with stable and swift connectivity, we don’t ever think about it.

Well, it just might be the time to start paying attention before you get left behind.

Say hello to Linksys newest WiFi 6 mesh router!

Technology advancements have exceeded our wildest expectations over the years, and the same goes for our network. To cope with the ever-growing need for stable connectivity and better speed, the next generation of WiFi, known as WiFi 6, is already making its way across the world.

Now, you might be wondering just how you can get on the action before you end up being one of the last few to make the transition, right? Well, fear not, Starhub and Linksys are teaming together to save you!

Starhub has officially launched an all-new initiative called Starhub Smart WiFi Pro. Not only will it allow you to enjoy all the usual benefits of networking, along with Linksys’ newest Velop MX4200 mesh router that utilities WiFi 6 technology to enhance your connectivity experience! 

Credits to Media Release

Did I also mention that Starhub is now the first ISP to offer this router exclusively in Singapore? And don’t worry, just because it’s exclusive, it’s not expensive at all!

Along with the new initiative, Starhub is also introducing a new promotion to go along with it. Thus, effectively creating an affordable bundle for everyone with a fibre broadband contract and a brand new WiFi 6 router! Honestly, it’s a damn steal if I say so myself.

Credits to Media Release

If you’ve been looking for the perfect time or offer to renew your fibre broadband contract or to switch over to a new ISP, then there isn’t a better time than now. So get on the hype boat and switch over to a WiFi 6 router as soon as you can and make life your life much more accessible through Starhub Smart WiFi Pro!

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