Ever since his debut in Disney plus’ The Mandalorian, Pedro Pascal is slowly becoming something of a household name. He has since gone to play diverse roles such as Marcus Moreno, a superhero and master swordsman in We Can Be Heroes film. And Maxwell Lord in DC’s Wonder Woman 1984, which was probably the best thing regarding the film.

However, there’s a commonality between all the roles that he’s been apart of recently. Pedro seems comfortable playing as a father figure to characters, and it suits him rather well too.

Unsurprisingly, Hollywood seems to have taken a liking to the rising star’s talents and is offering him yet another role of a father figure.

Pedro Pascal is in another lead role!

Hollywood has been on the ball with diversifying its movies and shows with lead characters of various ethnicity. And Pedro Pascal seems to the one leading the charge on that front!

According to Deadline, the actor has been cast as Joel Miller in the HBO’s upcoming adaption of a PlayStation videogame, The Last of Us. And honestly, it’s a no brainer that HBO decided to go after Pedro for the role after his incredible performance on The Mandalorian.

In fact, both Din Djarin and Joel are pretty similar characters. They follow the same fatherly formula of being tasked to protect a child and ultimately bonds with their respective charges on a deeper level.

The only difference in this situation is that we get to see Pedro showcasing his emotional range of acting skills without a helmet!

And as much as I’m glad that HBO went with Pedro Pascal, I’m sure some gamers would disagree with the choice. Joel is technically a white guy in the video game series so it could be strange to some. 

However, after his role as Maxwell Lord, I think he has already proven enough that he can pull off anything. So it would be best to wait and see what he brings to the table with The Last of Us.

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