Cameos have become the bread and butter of television and movies in our current times. And the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has been successfully milking that cash cow for years now. Hence, it’s no surprise that they are planning to follow the same formula with WandaVision too.

In an interview with TV Line, Elizabeth Olsen (Wanda) teased that a surprise cameo is coming to the series and that she’s excited about it. While this is customary for Marvel, it’s the fact that it will on the level of Luke Skywalker appearing in The Mandalorian that truly makes it all the worthwhile!

Now, the real question of who it’s going to be is on everyone’s mind.

While we don’t know for sure, we do have theories.

Who could be coming to WandaVision?

Iron Man

If Luke Skywalker is the poster child for Star Wars, then Iron Man is the poster child for the MCU so bringing him on board the show is not technically impossible. However, the directors would have to explain how a dead guy is returning to the land of the living.

They could introduce him through the multiverse once Wanda breaks all the locks on reality or perhaps a simple subconscious manifestation of the hero who saved the world to guide her?


When a child is out of control, sometimes calling their parents in, is the only solution. So how do you stop an all-powerful grief-stricken woman like Wanda? By calling her father, Magneto, to rein things in!

We have known that the MCU has plans for the X-Men franchise, for a while now. And what better way is there to kick start that snowball reaction by introducing Magneto trying to save his very own daughter?

It would most certainly blow people’s minds, and it would also meet the levels of Luke Skywalker’s appearance. Just imagine how cool it would be to watch Wanda and Magneto face off!


The MCU has always distanced itself from Agents of Shield (AoS) like an unwanted child, yet the show has done quite well among fans. It has even brought us the best version of Ghost Rider so far.

If there’s one character that WandaVision could bring in from AoS, it’s Quake. At the end of AoS, we see Quake making her way into space, and it has been speculated that she’s working with S.W.O.R.D. now.

And guess which organisation is handling the investigation of Wanda in WandaVision? That’s right; it’s S.W.O.R.D as well! So it would be a massive fan service to see Quake being brought in as the big gun and into the fold of the MCU, to deal with Wanda.

Many other possibilities.

The MCU is an enormous place, and there are many other possibilities from villains to heroes. For all we know, it could just be Doctor Strange too, but that would be too obvious given that his upcoming movie ties into the WandaVision.

So hopefully, the MCU doesn’t choose the most obvious option for a cameo and goes for the craziest one instead!

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