With the pandemic at our door, we are generally spending more time in front of the TV daily. And most of us can agree that it’s probably time for an upgrade especially if you’re a gamer like me who is waiting on the next-generation console to arrive next month. 

But let’s be honest, given our financial situation during this crisis, none of us has any intention of spending thousands of dollars on television. Thankfully, PRISM+ is offering an extremely affordable solution that might convince you otherwise.

PRISM+ Q Series.

On behalf of PRISM+, GLOO PR had invited us earlier today to the launch of their all-new Q Series Android TVs. It is officially the first-ever homegrown TV brand in Singapore to have been approved by Google to run its official Android TV operating system.

The Q Series will have three products in its line with varying prices to match its size. Apart from that, all products will have the same capabilities; such as having instant access to over 5000 apps from Google Play Store, and Google Assistant to allow users to navigate their Android TVs verbally. It even comes with a built-in Chromecast function to enable consumers to cast content directly from their devices.

As mentioned above the pricing of PRISM+ Q series will diversify accordingly to sizes with the 55 inches costing at $699, while the 65 inches and 75 inches products costing at $999 and $1,599 respectively.

Here are the full specifications of the Q series products for your perusal.

Credited to PRISM+ Press Release.

If after reading all of these pieces of information has convinced you to purchase a PRISM+ Q Series Android TV then you won’t have to wait too long since it will be readily available from 23 October tomorrow, exclusively on their official site!

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