When someone says IKEA, I tend to recall my younger days when I had visited the physical stores with my parents to buy items. I was always amazed at how everything looked so sleek and sophisticated. I’ve always been partial to Scandinavian styled designs…I guess IKEA was the origin point.

Now that I’m older, nothing much has changed except for my purchases being made online rather in person. What can I say…I’m lazy.

This year marks the 70th birthday of the IKEA Catalogue, and celebrates it by launching its 2021 Catalogue! In hopes of making your life much more comfortable in these trying times, IKEA is here to help along the way.

The overall theme of the year focuses on providing consumers with reasonably affordable items, that efficiently improve living standards no matter how small your home maybe.

IKEA & Livspace’s Home Renovations.

One of the most significant announcements of this year’s catalogue is IKEA’s dive into home renovations. In collaboration with Livspace, IKEA will be your new one-stop location for all of your household designing, renovation and refurbishing needs.

Be it a small two-room or a massive five-room home; these guys have an incredible package tailored for each category that’s bound to blow your minds! So if you’ve been thinking of upgrading your home, now might be the best time for that!

Here’s an overview of what a two-room renovation package has to offer.

– Lowest price in market for full renovation packages from $9,900

– On-time delivery, or we pay your rent – Delay penalty is a cashback offered to customers when handovers are delayed for a period longer than 15 days after the confirmed move-in date.

– Renovation will be covered under the HEMSÄKER Home & Personal Accident insurance for the first year.

– Booking fees have been reduced to 5% of the total project value

– 0% Interest renovation loan for the first year with Maybank

– Ongoing attractive referral program of up to $1,000 off

credits to IKEA FY21 Launch Press Release

To find out more information regarding the packages, terms and conditions; click here.

The SYMFONISK collection.

Smart Home technology has begun to slowly expanded itself into most households, and IKEA is hoping to speed up the process with its new collection. Partnering up with Sonos, manufacturer of wireless audio products, IKEA is revealing its unique products from the SYMFONISK collection.

These innovations were designed by combining the ideas of implementing technology within home furnishing to provide an efficient product that serves several purposes.

For example, the SYMFONISK table lamp functions as a lamp with various lighting options and is also equipped with WiFi speakers that can be used to play songs. All of which can be controlled through the IKEA smart home app.

Cat not included unfortunately.

It’s a great way to save space and also improve the outlook of your home with these wonderful products. The collection pricing ranges from $179 – $299, which is pretty affordable for a longtime investment.

I’m pretty excited about these speakers the most. Sal’s reviewed a couple of Sonos products and they’re all excellent devices so I can’t wait to see if these perform just as well!

More to offer!

These deals are only the tip of the iceberg of what’s in store for you! To find out more on the various deals and the new products being offered, check out the digital version of the IKEA Catalogue by clicking here.

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