Like Sal and Ibrahim, I too like me some toys. I mean action figures. I mean adult collectibles…ummm, yeah. At odds with that is my wallet, which unfortunately, has a very real limit. Not that McFarlane Toys cares.

Nooooo! They just want to drain my money like Morbius the Living Vampire. Sucking me almost dry with all the variants and different versions of DC figures. How many Batmen are there again? Too many to count, yet McFarlane Toys still keep on introducing new versions!

It’s not enough that I’m spending hundreds monthly to keep up, McFarlane toys are not introducing rarer, limited edition variant Chase figures to every shipment. McFarlane Toys are calling these figures Platinum Edition, and their special boxes even come with their own foil sticker with the logo above! They’re doing it randomly so nobody even knows if they’ll see one.

God damn it, McFarlane Toys! I’m a sucker for rarity!

McFarlane Toys

I don’t know why you guys would make a figure that appears like an award though. All I know is that I need it because it is rare and I want it in my collection. It’s not a rational thought at all, I understand and acknowledge that.

But you know what? I. Don’t. Care.

I need me this figure. It’s weird, terribly gimmicky and will probably end up collecting dust in my collection, but I still need it in my possession. My preciooooooouuuuuuuuussssssss…Damn you McFarlane Toys. Damn you to making me want another figure for myself! At this rate, I think I’ll be getting an Orange Lantern right pretty soon…

Starting from September 2020, only 3000 of these Arkham Asylum Joker Bronze Edition figures will be available. Quite a mouthful to say.

If you’re interested in the figure like me, the best thing to do right now is pray to any Gods that would listen. With only 3000 figures available, this is going to be massively painful to the bank account…

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