Need a new pair of headphones to get you through the hassles of your daily life? Then you’re in luck because the new Jabra Elite 45h might be what you need!

Jabra has announced its new product earlier this year, promoting itself boldly to be the best on-ear wireless headphones. And honestly, from the observations of its key features of the product, it sure seems to be a huge contender to be the best.

Jabra Elite 45h Key Features.

Designed to stake on their claim of providing the best on-ear wireless headphones, the Elite 45h is expected to deliver just that.

The main concern of anyone using wireless headphones knows that battery life is as essential as comfortability. And so Jabra has pushed the limits of the product’s battery life to 50 hours! That’s more than two days worth of usage, and the incredible part is that it’s only from one full charge!

The charging of headphones has never been faster with the Elite 45h. Due to its ultra charging capabilities, the headphones can charge up to 10 hours of battery life capacity just within fifteen minutes! That’s roughly an hour and fifteen minutes in total for a complete charge of the product.

The headphones are designed to give their consumers a sense of ease. With its easy single-fold configuration, you’ll be able to keep it lying flat in your bags without even feeling the weight of it. That’s because the headphones only weight 160 grams, thus making it extremely compact.

Most importantly, you’ll be enjoying your music and blocking out noises, with its built-in 40mm speaker for superior audio quality. While it’s dual microphone technology provides you with amazing clarity during calls even in turbulent transits.

Yet, these won’t matter if the headphones are not able to hold on to the connection with your devices. I’ve had my fair of annoying disconnections during public transportations. However, Jabra has designed the product to be able to handle strengthened connectivity through the use of Bluetooth 5.0.

The feature that most intrigues me is their optimizable music capability with My Sound App. Essentially, the app will calibrate the headphone through a series of sound tests to accommodate the individual’s hearing, thus providing a more personalized audio experience.


The Jabra Elite 45h headphones will cost S$138, which is remarkably affordable for what its worth. The product will be available in four different colours; however, there’s a catch. The colours are not widely available and are respectively linked to various vendors.

The standard Titanium Black colour model will be available at, Lazada, Shopee & Amazon.

Whereas, the Navy and Gold Beige colour models will only be available at

Lastly, the Copper Black colour model will be exclusively available on Amazon.

Review incoming.

If you’re still unsure of the product and would prefer to have a second opinion, then you won’t have to wait long.

Thanks to our friends from GLOO Public Relations, we managed to get our hands on an early review set of the Jabra Elite 45h! We’ll be reviewing this product on our end and giving you all of the juicy information very soon!

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