With conventions out of the way for the year (thanks COVID-19 and China!), the whole gaming industry is adapting how it’s getting the word out for upcoming games. Case in point; Microsoft’s upcoming Summer Game Fest.

Steam’s had its fun with the Steam Game Festival and now it’s time for the big (or in this case, bigger) boys to step up to the plate. Microsoft’s Summer Game Fest seeks to do for the Xbox One what the Steam Game Festival did for Steam; bring in a ton of gamers to test out new and upcoming games they’ve never even heard about or have been keeping their eye on.

With more than 60 demos being planned, it’s certainly the biggest event of its kind ever done for consoles. Microsoft and Sony did something similar for E3s past but never with 60 demos!

That’s set to change next month. From July 21 to July 27, the Summer Game Fest will be in full swing via the Xbox One Dashboard.

Like conventions and events, the demos that will be available will not be the polished versions that consumers usually get to play. These will be the raw, work-in-progress builds that are rarely shown to public. It’s an awesome look at games, but it’s safe to say most will be clunky and buggy.

From what’s Microsoft’s revealed, it’s going to be a humdinger of an event. I’m personally hoping to see Carrion and The Riftbreaker, though neither are confirmed to be in the lineup at this time. That’s set to be announced closer to July 21 if you’re wondering.

For now, just sit back and speculate on what games might be coming!

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