It’s that time of the decade again and you know what that means: a new console generation. Despite the slight global pandemic that is going on right now, Sony is still pushing ahead with the plan to release their new PlayStation at your usual end of the year release date.

For all our local fans out there, despite the relatively awkward announcement timing of 4am (GMT +8), I’ll be here covering the all-you-need-to-know version of today’s stream right after the end so keep a look out for that!

What to expect

After the frankly underwhelming presentation we had just a couple months back where Mark Cerny basically confirmed the technical specifications of the console without much fanfare, players that were waiting for fresh game announcements were left in the dust.

This time will surely be time for Sony to pull out all the stops in the game announcement department: I’d expect Sony to feature either some completely new launch titles (not named Knack) or updates to blockbuster games that will be coming soon in the near future (The Last of Us 2 and Ghost of Tsushima perhaps?)

Where to watch

As usual, you can check out Sony’s official stream where currently there are over 45,000 eager gamers ready for whatever Sony’s new console is throwing at them.

You can join us in watching the livestream via the official YouTube channel below:

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