How much worse off can be we be right? Why not find out by getting this Necronomicon replica from Trick or Treat Studios and try to bring on a Deadite apocalypse?

If that definitely sounds like a good time to you (make sure you have plenty of chainsaw fluid and a boomstick before you chant!), you’re definitely going to want to take a look at this bad (in more ways than one) boy.

According to Evil Dead lore, the Necronomicon is bound by human skin and inked in human blood, with the incantations to summon Deadites and a whole lot of other bad juju. It, along with the Kandarian Dagger, are always at the forefront of all the troubles that plague Ash.

Of course, this being a replica, the probability of it having the power to do so is pretty low. At most, you’re only going to be summoning massive buyer’s regret…and if you have a significant other, a ton of reprimands.

It’s sadly not even bound in human skin or inked in human blood (what gives?!) but latex, which makes me kind of sad.

You can get it from a couple of retailers (such as Amiami or Bigbadtoystore) if you’re interested. Depending on who you order from, it can go from SG$126 onwards which is a teeny weeny expensive for a book that can’t even summon demons. But hey, if you’re into replicas or a huge fan of Evil Dead, you’re going to want it in your collection anyways.

We recommend getting it from Bigbadtoystore, then opting for delivery via Vpost or Comgateway. It’s definitely cheaper than shipping direct from the site.

No matter which way you go, the Necronomicon is only shipping in September, so there’s a lot of time to scrape together the moolah (or human skin) to get ready for the book.

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