If you’re one of the millions of Star Wars fans who hates the new trilogy (The Rise of Skywalker in particular), then you’re going to be massively pleased to find that the original Skywalker himself is coming to the PS VR…in the form of Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR series.

By that I mean of course, the Dark Lord of the Sith himself, Darth Vader…as if you couldn’t guess from the title.

It’s been rumored for months, but it’s finally official; Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR series is finally coming to PS VR later this year.

Originally released for the Oculus VR platform as an episodic series, Vader Immortal won a ton of accolades for being so damn awesome. Obviously, it being a VR title and Oculus exclusive meant a lot of people didn’t get to play it, which is why it’s so damn great it’s coming to the PS VR now.

The game will include all the content from the Oculus release when it comes out on the PS VR, so you don’t need to get it piecemeal.

In Vader Immortal, you take on the role of one of Darth Vader’s numerous secret apprentices. You’ll learn the ways of the Dark Side from the Dark Lord himself, wielding lightsabers (including some famous ones from the movies) and of course, using your skills to wreak havoc on whoever stands in your way.

If you’ve ever wished to be a a bad ass Force user in a VR game, this IS the game for you. All you need now is a PS4 (or a PS4 Pro for a better experience) and the PS VR headset.

The plot’s canon so it’s a must play, especially if you’re a hardcore Star Wars fan.

There’s no word on a concrete release date (other than Summer 2020) but we’ll be keeping a very close eye on this. Hopefully ILMxLAB tweaks the experience and adds in more exclusive content too!

Ibrahim's a hardcore gamer and Star Wars fan. He's obsessed with Obi-Wan Kenobi, even claiming that he's a descendant of the fictional Jedi Master. Other than that delusion, Ibrahim's pretty down to earth, collecting figures and buying games he'll never finish.