Gigabyte has released the new generation laptop of 2020, AORUS 15G/17X.

The laptop combines a new generation mechanical keyboard, capable specs and an all-new design language, a full-throttle effort to Redefine Gaming Notebooks. It is equipped with the Intel i9-10980HK and i7-10875H, along with NVidia’s RTX 2070/2080 Super GPU. AORUS 15G/17X has been awarded the 2020 Red Dot Design Awards too.

Are these laptops really that great?

Aorus captioned this as “2020 The Best Gaming Laptop for Gamers to Buy -AORUS 15G/17G”
Aorus captioned this as “The Best Gaming Laptop for Gamers in 2020 – AORUS 17X”

The laptop is currently regarded as the world’s first laptop equipped with Omron Mechanical Switches. In short, this is the “in demand” keyboard type for gamers. Especially those who have tendency to be extremely fierce with the keys.

These series has also been commended for having an AI which is able to study your usage. The AI observes and then automatically determines the best CPU and GPU settings. This setting is then applied in order to achieve the best gaming performance possible while still keeping the laptop cool. 

Picture of the Aorus 17X Keyboard
Photo of the Aosus 17X
Photo of the Aosus 17X

Interested to get one?

Well, I did a quick check on the price on Lazada and currently the Aorus 17 is going at SGD5899.00/- . If you have been waiting for these series and you have the funds for it then please do get one because for the most parts, this laptop will not disappoint you.

Currently the laptops are available on 3 online stores and 6 retailers. I would personally recommend that buyers should check the laptop out in person but due to the Covid-19 outbreak restrictions, window shopping would be a bad idea. For the time being, one can explore the online stores first.

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