Ever wanted to visit the Winchester Mystery House?

You know…the house that belonged to the descendants of the Winchester family (not Sam and Dean) that created the famous (or infamous) gun company? It’s an American historical landmark and everything. Surely you’ve heard of it?

Hollywood’s even made a couple of movies about it…with the latest one just a few years back!

Well if you haven’t no worries!

All you need to know is that it was built by some old lady who claims that she’s haunted by the victims of her family’s guns. Since she’s also a rich old lady, she builds a huge mansion filled with weird stuff like doors or stairs leading to nowhere to confuse the spirits that haunted her.

It’s a fascinating artifact that’s a must visit whether you’re a fan of the supernatural or of cool history things. Of course, with COVID-19, that’s a little harder than usual.

Luckily (especially for me), the Winchester Mystery House is putting its tour online! Just click on this link and BAM! You’re ready for 40 mins of cool facts and creepy stories!

Winchester Mystery House

The video’s a fascinating look into the house, as well as a look into the famous Winchester family itself. It’s definitely one of my bucket list items (I’d figured I’d visit it when I’m in the US for E3 one of these years) of spooky places I’d want to visit!

It’s weirdly sad that Supernatural (which made the Winchester name relevant to young people) never actually went to the Winchester house for any reason.

I’d love to watch (and I know from Reddit that there are tons of people like me) an episode (or more!) of Sam and Dean running around the place fighting demons or other supernatural beings. Well, that’s probably never going to happen now that the series is ending.

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