After a lengthy hiatus, it seems like Castlevania is finally ready to step into the moonlight once more.

Netflix’s announced that the newest season to the seminal animated series will premiere exactly ONE month from today…on March 5th 2020.


Along with the announcement of the next Castlevania season comes this rather tasty new artwork. Conspicuously absent…Dracula. That’s hardly a surprise, considering what happened at the end of Season 2 but I somehow doubt we’ve seen the last of him.

Looks like Trevor, Sylpha and Alucard are all back for more as well. Not surprising considering the dynamic the show built.

Who’s the old dude though? I don’t remember seeing him before (though it’s been sometime since I watched Season 2). Hmm…maybe it’s time to binge the first two seasons again.

I honestly can’t wait for more action scenes like the one in the final episode of Season 2. That was superb, and the usage of classic Castlevania music to score the scene was spot-on.

Hopefully Season 3 will incorporate more music from Symphony of the Night like ‘Prayer’ (my favourite Castlevania tune of all time) or ‘Dracula’s Castle’. At the very least, I’m relatively sure ‘Bloody Tears’ will appear again.

Let’s just hope this vampire story doesn’t go out with whimper like Netflix’s Dracula. Now that was a cop out of biblical proportions.

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