On Tuesday, we were invited by our media friends to join Jabra in launching the Elite 75T for the Asian market. First debuted in CES 2020, the Jabra Elite 75T is an incremental update to their Elite series of earbuds meant for travel and sports.

Jabra Product Demo

Jabra’s representative also demo’d their “Jabra Sound+” companion app that allows you to customize the soundstage of the earbuds to your hearing, neat.

Below is their demo:

Elite/Active 75T differences

As far as I can tell, there is no functional difference between the two earbuds with the exception of the rubberized exterior that has made the Active 75T slightly more grippy (and personally, more comfortable in the ear) along with better IP protection from dust and sweat.

We would also like to note here that this is a water and dust resistant device so don’t go around trying to dip these in water if you can avoid it.

Jabra Elite 45h

Shown to us during the announcement event was another pair of headphones aimed at the sub $100 USD segment also announced at this year’s CES. While I was not able to test the quality, it was advertised with a 40-hour battery life on one charge which is quite significant.

Our short hands-on

Sound Quality

As with all my other hands-ons, it wouldn’t make sense to not try them out. Since we’re here anyway, right?

Because I’ve been told by the organizers that initial responses to these earbuds are praises for its bass performance, I decided to try out something more bassy – See you again by Wiz Khalifa.

Initial impressions were… interesting. The earbuds had delivered pretty high vocal clarity in the mids, decent quality highs with slight tapering at the top end of the EQ. The tone was neutral throughout the mids and the highs and didn’t color the primary instrument or vocals that was leading the song which delivered an all-round clean experience; except for the bass.

Honestly, I think they were trying a little too hard on the bass side. During the rap & bass portions of the song, the bass was often caught trying to overpower the vocals in terms of volume to the point where the lower-end peak of the bass gets clipped with the vanilla setup.

 With 6mm drivers, nobody would expect truly refined or deep bass but the thing is that you do get better finesse and balance simply by cutting the < 440Hz range a few notches in the EQ. Once again, it shows that loud is not the same as good; I had expected better things from it coming right out from the box.

Regardless, this is just one song and it wouldn’t be fair to pass judgement before giving it a fair chance with more testing. Which would be soon. Hopefully.

Comfort & Fit

While this may differ for many, initial testing for comfort seems to be on the poor side for me; at least with the Elite 75T. Due to the position of the contact charges on the earbuds, it was rubbing against the cartilage of my ear a little too much which would be quite uncomfortable for long term use.

The good news is I found this to be less of an issue with the texturing on the Active version so I would advise to test the comfort levels for yourself before buying.

The fit on the other hand, is pretty good. Moving around the room and doing aggressive head motions doesn’t seem to phase the earbuds at all and I would assume it would be so even while jogging or traveling.

Wireless connectivity

Wireless connectivity via Bluetooth is great. With the exception of some minor hiccups during device pairing, connectivity is nonetheless solid; I was able to walk about 5m away from my phone and still receive clear sound quality without any degradation which is more than enough for most.


The Jabra Elite earbuds will come in both Titanium Black and Gold Beige with the Titanium Black version currently on store shelves. The other will come soon; sometime in Q1 2020 (personally, I prefer the Titanium Black version)

Retail Price

The Jabra Elite 75T will be available for $288 SGD in retail stores with no mention of the pricing for the Active variant of the earbuds.

Though, I would gander that they would probably be priced similarly compared to their 65T counterparts. Expect the features to also come at a small premium of $20 – 30 SGD.


We’ll also be getting a review copy soon so look out for something more full-fledged and in-depth in the near future!

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