Whether you read Time magazine or not, it still has clout. Enough that even influential people pay attention to their yearly Person of the Year choices.

This year, that honor (or infamy depending on who you ask), falls to Greta Thunberg.

You might better know her as ‘that climate change girl’, or ‘the girl who shamed world leaders at the UN Climate Action Summit’.

You know…this summit.

It’s a great boost for the cause and hopefully will raise even more awareness for climate change throughout the world.

Still, her pick has not been without incident. Haters like the panelists on ‘The Five’ on Fox news have been critical about it. Not surprising, as the panelists are all firm deniers of climate change in the first place…and will probably keep denying it as the world burns around them.

Greta is the youngest ever person picked by the magazine to be their Person of the Year, an honor that’s been bestowed upon people like Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Pope Francis.

With more influence at her disposal, we really hope that more will be done to combat climate change. With Greta at the helm, we just might have a chance.

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