Since being shown to the SEA market some 8 months ago, I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of their new line of concept TVs. Today, they will finally be available to the public for sale.

Introduction by Samsung & Commune

In brief, both representatives from Samsung and Commune were there at the launch to talk a little more about their collaboration and of course, we had an introduction to both TVs as seen below:

The Serif, shown off by the Product Manager

The Serif – The new kid in town

In addition, they’ve also shown off another line of concept TVs named The Serif that carries a classier and more elegant look compared to their plainer looking cousins from the Q series TVs.

“[The design is a] result of a unique collaboration between the award-winning duo Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec and Samsung. [The Serif] is defined by a single frame and draws inspiration from the simple elegance of typography, where the TV forms a distinct “I” shape, designed to be appreciated from any angle”

Samsung Press Statement

It seems that this TV is supposed to carry the same kind of aesthetics and features that makes this basically a non-wall mounted version of the frame with its own independent stand.


With this announcement, they have also announced the SRP of both products:

Model RRP
The Frame 2019 (55”) $3,599
The Frame 2019 (65”) $5,199
The Serif 2019 (55”) $3,399

Pricing wise, Samsung isn’t exactly charging you a premium for any of the extra features as compared to their mainline offerings. In fact, buying a 55” version of The Frame will set you back exactly the same as buying the midrange version of the QLED TV, the Q75R, at $3,599 a pop.  

These TVs will be available starting today (or very soon) from both Commune and major electronic retailers.

Customizable Bezels – Thoughts & Pricing

I’ve also gotten a little info from the product manager regarding the customizable bezels on The Frame. Users will be given a free set that can be chosen from 4 colours with each additional frame after that costing ~$400 each.

The bezels are surprisingly sturdy and definitely well-made; being magnetically attached to the sides of The Frame, you could easily remove an edge of it with one hand (see our Instagram video on this) without any problems so that’s nice.

I personally would prefer the bezels to all come with the TV to promote the point of it being a customizable experience; or even a midway point of having the other 3 different bezels be in a bundle which would make it more palatable.


While the price is still not for everyone, I can commend Samsung for not creating an artificial divide between its targeted audience by upselling their current TV line-up with a higher price tag aimed at people of a higher status; something that everyone can appreciate.

Practically speaking for content, I’ve already given my opinion on their new QLED TVs when Sal and I first visited their showroom to check out; They’re very nice for consuming content like movies in 4k but ultimately there is not enough 8k content to justify buying the 8k version in 2019.

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