I love the Terminator films. I love the Terminator comics. I love the Terminator toys and I especially love the Terminator timeline…Wait, scratch that last one. I hate the timeline and how its a convoluted mess that NOBODY seems able to clear up.

Well…at least until Terminator Dark Fate showed up.

It’s wisely ignoring EVERY Terminator flick past Judgment Day (that’s T2 for you who don’t keep track) and continuing from there.

Apparently, the guys behind the film are heavily into Adobe, which is why the company’s showing off the collaboration with this new promo vid.

I’ve always been interested in behind the scenes footage of any film and this one makes me want to know more, especially with my paltry knowledge of After Effects and Photoshop.

It’s interesting enough to make me want to subscribe to Adobe but it also has another cool perk; new scenes!

Now I’ve not been following all of the Dark Fate trailers but I think the promo vid definitely has a couple of new scenes that we’ve not seen before.

Like the new Terminator being chain sliced (ironic since Gabriel Luna is the Ghost Rider in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) or Arnold delivering a chokeslam from Hell and THEN emptying a full clip into Luna’s face.

It all looks damn exciting and I honestly can’t wait to go watch the film (which is already playing RIGHT NOW).

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