Telegram allows users to chat without using phone numbers. This means, you can sign up with just a username and your friend can find you with it. You can also create private chat groups with other thousands of users.Unfortunately, where there’s private chat, there’s also opportunity for certain individuals to share illegal content like child pornography, solicit for sex and even sell illegal items.All of that was once part of a particular Telegram group chat called SG Nasi Lemak that had over 44,000 active members.

And no, it has nothing to do with the food but everything to do with vile smut. According to AsiaOne, the group handle @SGNasiLemak4 suggested that it could be their fourth iteration. This could mean that even though the group is now closed, it could resurface under a different but similar name like SGNasiLemak5 or something.

There was a lot of selling drugs, vaping stuff and even sex inside the group. Surprisingly, the group members aren’t all males. One woman spoke to AsiaOne about visiting the group simply to buy vaping juices. But she did find the lewd images disturbing.

AsiaOne reported that the lewd images are of women, with some even converted into custom Telegram sticker packs. I don’t know whether to call that sick or just plain sad. So let’s go with both.

Why do we need to be alarmed by the circulation of these lewd images on SG Nasi Lemak?

Of course, selling illegal items is bad. Everyone knows that. But not everyone felt the same when it came to the lewd images. Some even ask how this is different from porn. Well, one is done with consent and the other definitely isn’t.

Probably the most sickening thing about the group chat is that they have the cheek to blame the women in the photos and videos for taking them and sharing with their boyfriends or girlfriends. Not the ones who leak them online, no. The victims themselves.

Here’s the full disclaimer posted by “Glenn” inside the group:

via AsiaOne

🙏🏻SG NSL Admins hold no responsible of photos/videos being leaked here, you are the one to blame for sharing on social media platforms. You are the stupidest ever person to let your BF/GF take SEXUAL VIDEOS to be leaked out all over social media platform not just telegram STUPID! 🙏🏻

Thanks to two local celebrities Dee Kosh and Sezairi Sezali exposing the group on Twitter, it grabbed the attention of many online and thus resulted in the group shutting down.

Some Twitter users took upon themselves to find the chat group on Telegram, only to find people they know in the members list. Worse, some even found pictures of their friends and themselves being shared inside the chat.

Dee Kosh even went further to suggest how people can help to end more groups like this in the following four tweets:

So the next time you hear or come across groups like SG Nasi Lemak, you know what to do. Indeed it’s a never-ending battle. There are groups out there that aren’t exposed yet and there could be new ones popping up everyday. Just stay alert and help the next victim.