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For many modern games, Call of Duty is the epitome of a legendary FPS series. Whether it’s Modern Warfare, Black Ops or even Ghosts (ok, maybe not Ghosts), the Call of Duty series has moved on from one dizzying height to another.

While many feel the series has jumped the shark (and I honestly agree), from what I’ve seen of Modern Warfare, there might just be reason to think that the re-imagining of the series’ best entry might just be what the games needed.

When the original Modern Warfare came out, the combination of an engaging storyline along with a fast-paced yet rewarding multiplayer experience sealed its position at the top among fans across the world.

Even now, fans of the original Modern Warfare games are still passionately playing and improving upon the game with customized mods to further its entertainment value.

Now, with the re-imagined Modern Warfare on the cusp of release, everything’s come full circle again. Check out the CoD: Modern Warfare reveal trailer below if you missed it before.

It was a no-brainer that Infinity Ward, the developers of the original Modern Warfare games, announced that the series was returning. Not after the debacle of Black Ops 4.

Frankly, I think it’s a brilliant idea to bring back players into the fold again who didn’t quite agree with CoD: Black Ops 4 foregoing its campaign portion of the game.

As someone who also didn’t quite enjoy the direction that CoD: Black Ops 4 took, I was quite excited to see what the upcoming Modern Warfare had to offer when we invited by Sony Entertainment for an exclusive press presentation at TGS 2019.

Press Presentation

After clearing security checks and gaining access to the conference hall for the presentation; we were then introduced to Dino Verano, a producer from Infinity Ward who was our speaker for Modern Warfare.


One of the first things that Dino went on to talk about was about campaign and what we could expect from it.

If you’ve been keeping tabs on the new Modern Warfare then you would have heard that it is a soft reboot of the original game; and, well-known characters like Captain John Price will be returning as well.

However, things weren’t as straightforward as we were led to believe. The new Modern Warfare campaign mode has undergone a complete overhaul to provide players with a storyline that will be very different and relevant to current events.

Although characters like Captain Price are returning, it is not the same character that we have been excited about. The campaign will be situated in a whole new world with re-imagined characters from the past, like an alternate universe with familiar characters who possess different backgrounds if you will.

Think of this year’s Modern Warfare as an alternate reality version of the original and you’d have a good idea what to expect.

I was quite surprised and pleasantly pleased when Dino went into further details on the campaign especially when he kept emphasizing that the game will explore war in a very realistic manner where choices are not always black and white.

In the presentation video, that I saw the environment is shown to be more interactive than before; for example, players can take out the lights in a room to disorient the enemy. While the bad guys are fumbling around in the dark, I saw the spec ops team smoothly don their NVGs engage the hostiles. NVGs (along with less than ideal lighting conditions) will play a large part in the game, and beefed up mechanics like bullet penetration are set to steal the show.


The next topic covered by Dino was the multiplayer aspect of the game.

It has always been one of the stronger points of the CoD series and there’s always something distinct in every game.

In the previous CoD, Battle Royale was introduced but this time around things are changing to offer a little more up close and personal action; and, it’s also introducing the element of darkness as a large factor in terms of environmental awareness during confrontations.

Check out the CoD: Modern Warfare Multiplayer reveal trailer below if you missed it before.

As I stated earlier, night vision is one of the new mechanics introduced in the game; with new game modes built upon it, it offers players a whole new experience of battling each other in pitch-black environments that requires a more tactical rather than the standard ‘Rambo’ approach to attain victory.

Another new game mode that will be introduced in Modern Warfare is the close quarters 2v2 encounters that will offer players intense, fast-paced and personal battles that will keep you on your toes and push you further to hone your skills.

Many players were allowed to try out this new game mode during the Modern Warfare alpha test held in August however if you missed your chance before then fret not, the beta test is almost upon us! The PS4 Open Beta is set to begin at 1am, this Friday.

Xbox and PC users will get in on the action too, though they’re going to have to wait a bit longer; open beta for those platforms kick off this Saturday, 9am instead.

Want to know what’s in store? Check out the CoD: Modern Warfare Multiplayer Beta trailer below that is out right now!

Beta featuring Cross play schedule:

  • September 19 – 20, Early Access for PC and Xbox One; Open Beta for PS4
  • September 21 – 23, Open Beta for PC, Xbox One and PS4

Spec Ops.

Lastly, the rumours of ‘Spec Ops’ game mode making a return was finally confirmed by Dino.

Veterans of the CoD franchise should be quite familiar with this game mode; it was first introduced in Modern Warfare 2 that allowed for cooperative gameplay missions with a second player.

It was further expanded in Modern Warfare 3 to include a cooperative survival mode that forces players to hold against swarms of enemies, a horde mode if you will.

In this revamped version of ‘Spec Ops’, players will once again have the experience of enjoying the game in a cooperative capacity. However, unlike the previous versions, it will not be limited to certain missions but will allow players to progress cooperatively in both campaign and multiplayer content.

What I think.

I went into the presentation a doubter of Modern Warfare and emerged a believer. I honestly think that this iteration of Modern Warfare may be THE best Call of Duty installment since the original.

This press presentation got me all hyped for the Call of Duty franchise again; which was pretty impressive. It’s got me so hyped that I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

See you in the beta!

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