I have this compulsion to buy the Neko Cup and I have no idea why.

It doesn’t serve any damn purpose other than to make sand cat figures (I don’t even have access to sand) but it looks damn cute and by gawd, I need one in my possession.

The Google Translated page doesn’t make it any less adorable.

Neko cup

Even the designer, Yuka Morii’s, description of the Neko Cup is adorable in Google Translate.

Neko cup
Google Translate’s translation makes it even cuter!

My favourite line from that? ‘… , but it looks like it looks like a cat to anyone who looks like a cat’. That’s so nonsensical it weirdly fits.

I don’t even know what I’d use the Neko Cup for but I want at least 10 of them.

If you’d like to purchase a Neko Cup of your own (you know you do!) you can head over to h-concept to get one. It’s 2,916 YEN (about SGD$37) without shipping.

I’m going to make damn sure I get one (hundred) when I’m in Tokyo in September for the Tokyo Game Show.

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