Perhaps you’ve heard of the famous American burger franchise, Five Guys, before – maybe from a friend who managed to try it overseas, or maybe from YouTube, back when everyone was rating their favourite fast foods in tiers. Maybe you’re just a typical Singaporean, dabbling in being a foodie, eager to queue for any new, appetising-looking food that’s brought to our sunny shores.

Whatever it may be, rejoice – for Five Guys will be opening its first Singapore outlet at Plaza Singapura later this year.

“We want our first ever outlet for Five Guys to be in the heart of the city, where it is convenient, easily accessible, and with high traffic complemented by a great tenant mix in the vicinity,” said Andrew Li, Chief Executive Officer of Zouk Group, in an interview with Channel News Asia. “Plaza Singapura offers us just that, and we are very fortunate to have secured this opportune space.”

The Five Guys flagship outlet will be located on the ground level of the mall, near its main atrium, and will accommodate both indoor and outdoor seating options. According to local partners Zouk Group, the outlet is set to open sometime between October and December this year.

What can diners look forward to?

Five Guys is famous for their hand-crafted, made-to-order burgers. Diners can customise their burgers with 15 different toppings (at no extra charge!), to go along with hand-cut fries and delectable milkshakes.

Five Guys

Founded in 1986, the brand prides itself on the freshness and quality of its ingredients – in particular, its use of fresh ground beef and peanut oil, without the use of freezers and microwaves.

Diners will also be able to look forward to taking tons of photos. With retro decor and red-and-white booths for seats, visitors will be able to take OOTDs for their Instagram, to go along with pictures of their meal.

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