Are you a fan of fairytales, both from books and Disney movies? Have nothing else in store for the weekend? Here’s something that might catch your interest: 22 Stories, a fairytale-themed exhibition with aesthetically-pleasing rooms inspired by famous motifs in these various stories.

22 Stories, ANDSOFORTH Jr.

An immersive theatrical experience from ANDSOFORTH Jr., visitors can expect to be enchanted by 22 unique, Instagram-worthy experiential rooms, spanning 20,000 square feet in total! Suitable for both the young and young at heart, visitors will be able to meet storybook characters from their childhood, and interact with colourful installations inspired by four different themes.

What can visitors expect?

The exhibition boasts four lands, or areas, in total – Storyland, Grimmsneyland, Wonderland, and the Land of Nights.

22 Stories, ANDSOFORTH Jr.

The former two lands consist of multiple stories in each area. Storyland involves famous fairytales, from the tale of the Ugly Duckling to Hansel and Gretel. Grimmsneyland, on the other hand, refers to stories told by the Brothers Grimms that were adapted into Disney movies – in other words, stories like Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and more!

The latter two lands focus on one story each. Wonderland will immerse its visitors in the world of Alice in Wonderland, from having tea with Alice and the Mad Hatter, to visiting the Red Queen’s Gardens. The Land of Nights will transport its visitors to realms inspired by the Arabic Classic, One Thousand and One Nights. Of course, the highlight of this area would be Aladdin – visitors will get to have a magic carpet ride of their own!

What makes this exhibition unique is the fact that visitors will be able to interact with some of these fairytale characters. However, which characters you’ll be able to meet depends on the week that you’re visiting – which you can check via their website here.

ANDSOFORTH’s 22 Stories will run till 28th July at Pandan Gardens, with tickets priced at $38 per pax, and $140 for a family of four.

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