In a last-hurrah sort of fashion, Marvel has re-released Avengers: Endgame in cinemas in an attempt to break the box office record long-held by James Cameron’s Avatar. This re-release promised to deliver new, unseen footage, a tribute and a post-credit scene – which it delivered.

In case you don’t think it’s worth it to watch it again in cinemas, though, here’s what was added in:

(Note: Spoilers for Avengers: Endgame and for the bonus content in Endgame’s re-release from this point onwards, in case you couldn’t already guess.)

Some minor scenes in the movie are slightly extended, such as Ned’s and Peter’s reunion at the end of the movie. Apart from that, the movie itself doesn’t have many changes. The bulk of the new content plays out after the credits have rolled completely.

A Tribute to Stan Lee

Much like special features that one would find on a DVD release, there’s a tribute of Stan Lee that plays. It features behind-the-scenes footage of Stan Lee on the sets of various MCU movies, interacting with both the cast and the film directors.


It’s sweet yet poignant, and of course, it closes out with “Stan, we love you 3000.”

A Deleted Scene with The Hulk

This particular deleted scene is interesting, because it features the return of the original Hulk (i.e the one before Bruce Banner and the Hulk were merged).


In this incomplete deleted scene, we see the Hulk save civilians from a burning building. After doing so, he reunites with Steve, Natasha and Scott. We assume this took place in an early re-iteration of one of the time heists, considering how Natasha is there.

A Preview of Far from Home

Last but not least, there’s a sneak peek of Spider-Man: Far from Home. Considering how the movie is set after the events of Endgame and is meant to close out Phase 3 of the MCU, you could take this sneak peek as Endgame’s post-credits scene.


The scene features Nick Fury and Maria Hill making their way to Mexico to investigate a disruption. Upon arriving, they meet Mysterio (played by Jake Gyellenhaal) battling a creature made of swirling sand. “You don’t want any part of this,” Mysterio says, firing green energy bolts at it – closing out the scene and setting the stage for Far from Home.

Fret not if you’ve missed out on Endgame’s re-release, for the bonus content will most likely appear in DVD releases of the film. Apart from that, we can’t wait to see what Far from Home has in store, when it opens in Singapore from 2 July onwards. Stay tuned for our review of the movie!

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