It’s an unpopular opinion, but I love Teen Titans GO! What? After all the seriousness found in other DCAU offerings, I like the goofy nature of Teen Titans GO! It’s endearing!

Hell, it’s one of my go to shows on Netflix when I have nothing to watch or need something quick to burn time.

Of course, it’s no Young Justice, Batman: TAS or Superman: TAS but it’s a different kind of cartoon, which is unlike pretty much every other DC animated series.

Just like Tiny Titans, which is pretty much the comics version of Teen Titans GO! Yes, I love Tiny Titans too.

Don’t diss the art, it’s a damn good series.

Well, whether you love the Teen Titans or the Teen Titans GO! version, you’re going to love the new Teen Titans/ Teen Titans GO! movie.

From the trailer, it looks like the movie starts off with a clash between the two Teen Titans teams before the ultimate baddie, Trigon (thankfully it’s not Darkseid again), turns up and makes life hell for everybody.

It seems to me that it has everything! The lighthearted nature of the Teen Titans GO! cartoons, the epic plot you’d expect from a Teen Titans season and everything in between thrown in for good measure.

Plus it looks like at some point the entire DC multiverse gets involved.

That’s definitely the DCAU’s Nightwing, Cyborg, Starfire and Beastboy in the background.

Unfortunately, the animated movie still doesn’t have a release date other than sometime this year. Yeah, bummer but with us in July soon, that only leaves us only a handful of months to wait, even if it does come out in December.

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