It seems like Uniqlo will be pandering to two large fanbases this Summer – Pokemon, and BTS. Days before the release of the upcoming Pokemon collection, Uniqlo will also be bringing in UT shirts from their collaboration with BT21.

What is BT21?

BT21 is the first project under LINE FRIENDS CREATORS. Essentially, they are mascot characters under LINE FRIENDS, created in collaboration with international k-pop sensation BTS (“Beyond the Scene”).

BT21 comprises of 8 characters in total: RJ (the cloud-like alpaca), Koya (the blue koala), Mang (the horse with the heart-shaped nose), Shooky (the cookie), Tata (the alien with the heart-shaped head), Chimmy (the yellow dog), Cooky (the pink rabbit) and Van (the white and grey mascot).

BTS with their BT21 mascots. Each member is holding the cushion(s) of the characters they designed. / VLive App, Bighit Entertainment

All 8 mascots were designed by BTS themselves, with each of the seven members having a corresponding mascot. The last mascot, Van, was designed by the group’s leader (RM), and is meant to represent their fanbase – ARMY.

To better understand the concepts behind these BT21 mascots and how they were created, you can watch this mini-series here:

What are the available designs?

The Uniqlo x BT21 collection will have 12 designs for sale, with all shirts retailing at $14.90. Shirt sizes go from S to XXL, though the latter can only be bought online. Here are the designs:

The back of this shirt will feature images of the 7 BT21 mascots (with their signatures!) / Uniqlo
Design featuring Koya. / Uniqlo
Design featuring RJ. / Uniqlo
Design featuring Shooky. / Uniqlo
Design featuring Mang. / Uniqlo
Design featuring Chimmy. / Uniqlo
Another design featuring Chimmy. / Uniqlo
Design featuring Tata. / Uniqlo
Another design featuring Tata. / Uniqlo
Design featuring Cooky. / Uniqlo
Another design featuring Cooky. / Uniqlo
Design featuring the BT21 logo. Not sure if there’ll be a print on the back for this one. / Uniqlo

ARMYs won’t have to worry about the shirts going out of stock this time, either! Having learned from the previous saga with their KAWS collection (where someone allegedly bought more than 20 pieces of one shirt), Uniqlo will be limiting customer purchases to one shirt per design. This same rule will apply to the Pokemon collection launching on 24 June as well.

The Uniqlo x BT21 collection will be available for purchase in Singapore’s online and physical Uniqlo stores this Friday, on 21 June 2019.

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