To say Huawei has been having a bad May is an understatement. With its upcoming phones not being able to use Android and a whole host of other problems because of the ongoing US/China trade war, Huawei has never looked more vulnerable.

Luckily, it seems that the company is ending May with a sliver of good news.

Word has trickled out that the tech giant’s managed to loosen some of the restrictions that it was slapped with.

Here are the places that Huawei’s managed to get on their side:

  • SD Association.
  • Wi-Fi Alliance.
  • Bluetooth.
  • Android Q Beta (Mate 20 Pro only, further discussions ongoing).

It might seem like a paltry list but the fact that the company’s made progress so quickly is nothing short of astounding.

Even more surprising is Huawei’s limited overturn of the Android ban. True, the Android Q Beta program isn’t the release version of Android. It’s simply the beta testing of the next Android update.

Despite that, the fact that the Huawei Mate 20 Pro is compatible speaks volumes to a potential complete reversal of the ban. At the very least, it can be speculated that some current Huawei devices may move on to the next iteration of the OS when it launches.

Whether you like the company or not, you have got to admire their spunk. When all seemed lost (especially with the Android ban announcement), the company still kept on plugging away at its detractors.

We’ll have more Huawei news as the situation develops.

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