With Adobe releasing Lightroom for Android, it is not surprising to see the company trying to expand into the realm of audio and video editing as well. Adobe takes a new spin on this concept by introducing cross-device compatibility for editing your videos.

Although I would assume that the suite wouldn’t be as robust or deep as using premiere Pro on the desktop, this would be great for creators that want to do some light editing on the go while outside.

Shared within our media release, we also got a glimpse of how the UI looks like which isn’t too bad in my opinion; Although it remains to be seen how public opinion of the app would be, considering this is yet another $9.99/month plan on top of their (probably) existing Adobe CC subscription.

Adobe also revealed the (admittedly confusing) pricing structure for their software on their blog which you can read below:

Premiere Rush Starter Plan: Available for free, the Starter plan gives customers access to all Premiere Rush features, use of desktop and mobile apps, and the ability to create an unlimited number of projects and export up to three projects.

Premiere Rush is available for $9.99/month to individuals, $19.99/month to teams, and $29.99/month to enterprise customers. Premiere Rush is also included as part of Creative Cloud All Apps, Premiere Pro single app, the Student plan, and comes with unlimited exports and 100 GB of CC storage. Additional storage options, up to 10 TB, are also available for purchase.”

Adobe Blog

Adobe also notes that it is currently available via the Google Playstore but a cursory search on my phone did not yield any results for the app; Perhaps it has to do with regional settings or that it might not have been launched in the APAC region as of yet.

Via Adobe Blog

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