The PR engine is moving in the newsroom today as we see both motherboard manufacturers AsRock and Biostar tease their new line-up of X570 chipset motherboards that will come with the launch of Zen 2.

As we gear up for Computex, expect more teases and news to come from other manufacturers that are also attending the event.

First up, we have ASRock which teased their Phantom Gaming motherboards in a silhouette reveal that has the lighting strips within the heat sinks light up in red.

It seems like ASRock is sticking to their Phantom Gaming moniker as an AMD-designed branding much like the Phantom Gaming 470/580 GPU release from them last year.

The design looks pretty cool and as per the sneak peek video suggests, at least one variant of the motherboard is going to be RGB enabled for people who are interesting in some flashy bling within your PC.

Next up we have Biostar with their racing series of motherboards. Unfortunately, the early news release from Biostar’s official website has since been taken down at the time of writing but Wccftech seems to have taken a quote from the said page:

“The BIOSTAR RACING Series of high-performance motherboards feature the latest technologies for performance and aesthetics. The BIOSTAR RACING Series is geared towards gamers and power users that demand performance with great stability and reliability. BIOSTAR will be demonstrating the 4th generation RACING Series powered by the next-generation AMD Ryzen processors to highlight its capabilities in gaming, entertainment, and professional use.”

Biostar News Release

It would definitely appear that the Racing series would be their flagship product that will make it’s debut at the event. Interestingly, the ad for the Computex event also features their own Biostar 570 GPU; while it could be a casual product placement, the more speculative and hopeful side of me is taking this as a sign that Navi will be officially introduced in some form together with board partner support at the event.

Via Wccftech

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