It seems like Nintendo is not ready to announce any kind of new console or variant of the Nintendo Switch just yet, reports Reuter’s reporter Sam Nussey. Translating a segment of Nintendo’s recent financial results briefing, Nintendo CEO Shuntaro Furukawa basically confirms that there would be no announcement of new consoles within the E3 time frame.

It does not rule out the fact that Nintendo is indeed developing new hardware internally, however. As stated by Sam Nussey in a highlight:

“Other highlights: Nintendo’s CEO said nothing to announced on possible new hardware but it is always developing hardware internally”

Reuters, Sam Nussey

So, while our previous info of the rumor mill turned out to be half true, I do think that there would still be a chance that a new console would be announced in some form. Most importantly, there are still other big events around the corner once E3 is over; namely, Gamescom and Tokyo Games Show.

We have to remember that it has been quite a few years since Nintendo last did a grand E3 event in favor of a scripted, pre-recorded telecast named “Nintendo Direct”; remember, this was also how the Nintendo Switch was announced about 3 years back. Perhaps we would see the same during September’s TGS.

However, if that was to be true, we would be getting rumors down the supply chain of Nintendo mass-producing the console for the holiday crunch period. All this likely points to the fact that a new Nintendo Switch upgrade/refresh is only going to come next year at the earliest.

Unfortunately for me, this means a longer wait before I finally get my hands on my own Nintendo Switch.

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