Storytel, one of the world’s leading audiobook platforms, has announced that it is now available in Singapore! Hailing from Sweden, Storytel’s Singapore launch marks the first in its expansion in South-East Asia.

What’s so special about Storytel?

Storytel provides its users with instant access to a catalogue of over 85,000 titles. Users have unlimited and offline listening for as long as they’re subscribed- no queueing required! Storytel’s subscribers can look forward to the most popular books across genres – from crime and fiction, to biographies and books on personal development.

Here’s some of Storytel’s featured titles:

Parents need not worry about monitoring their kids’ activity on the app, either! Storytel also comes with a dedicated Kids Mode feature. This mode allows for safe browsing for children, by limiting the selection of books available to only child-friendly titles.

That’s not all! To add local flavour, the app will feature a shelf of titles by local authors. This is achieved through partnerships with local, Singaporean publishers, such as Marshall Cavendish, Epigram and Armour Publishing. #SupportSingLit! Storytel will also work with authors to produce narrations done by Singaporeans, to be released as exclusive content.

How does Storytel work?

Storytel works on the basis of a monthly subscription. Starting from just $9.90 per month, users will be granted access to thousands of audio and e-books, in the palms of their own hands.

The $9.90 price point is for one (1) unlimited account though. There are other subscription plans that will be made available in Singapore – three in total. The more expensive plans allow for the creation of more accounts, catering towards families who anticipate having more than one user of the app at one time. The details for the other subscription plans can be found here:

Storytel is now offering a complimentary 14-day free trial. Claim it by signing up on the Storytel app (available on both Google Play and on iOS), or through their weblink here. Try it out today!

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