The calm before the storm …

TangoTab is a US-based company that teams up with various organisation in the US to provide opportunities and people who are in need. Three years ago, they partnered up with The Food Bank in Singapore to set up base in the Asian region. Feed the City is their initiative to promote awareness of food insecurity.

I had the opportunity to have an informal conversation with Andre Angel, the TangoTab CEO with regards to why he started his social impact app and his decision to choose Singapore as the first in Asia to launch it.

My impression of Andre was that he is a jovial guy who has the sincere intention to make a change in the world. Before settling on Singapore, Andre had Hong Kong and Taiwan in mind as well. His reasoning is that 20% of the population of these three countries has food insecurity. In easier terms, 1 in 10 people in Singapore are not sure of where or when exactly their next meal will be. It’s eye-opening to be reminded that just because Singapore in a first world country and that we are very comfortable, there are still citizens in this country that go hungry because of various reasons.

Andre decided on Singapore mainly because of he had built up a relationship with Nicholas, the co-founder of The Food Bank. As he said in his words, “ultimately, it’s the relationship with the people that you work with”.

What’s happening?

The opening of the ceremony was marked by the key people pasting forks, knives and spoons onto a plate. How cute!

The Food Bank, along with TangoTab, hosted their Feed the City event where they aim to feed 1,000 people from various beneficiaries throughout the day.

They also teamed up with other organisations and companies which provided side events such as arts and crafts for the kids, mini cooking demonstration and also provided free yogurt.

There Kalm’s, a high-tech vending machine company and UglyFood, a social enterprise company whose aim is to reduce the food wastage in the supply chain. There was also The Samsui Kitchen, a kitchen that not only provides healthy and nutritious food for nursing homes and charities but also provide jobs for inmates and people with disablities. There was also Spoonful, a mobile cooking company that shares the importance of knowing your ingredients through food & cooking events and F&B activities.

Kalm’s isn’t just a food vending machine, but gifts too!
Some Japanese food items that are available through Kalm’s.
Spoonful certainly looks interesting!

Along with these various events and pop-ups, there was also the launch of the Singapore TangoTab app.

TangoTab – the social impact app

What TangoTab is, is an app that partners up with various restaurants in Singapore. When you download the app, the app immediately donates to The Food Bank the monetary cost of a meal for two people. Then, as you continue using the app, all you need to do is check-in at the partner restaurant and they will donate to The Food Bank. In the words of my kids, easy peasy lemon squeezy.

The event aims to have 10, 000 app downloads to support reducing food insecurity in Singapore. There is also points that you can collect the more you check-in and after a certain amount, you can either use it to donate or collect certain rewards. You’re literally feeding the city as you feed yourself!

The app itself is very easy to use and straightfoward. The homepage has six tabs that you can click on and it leads you to where you want to go. You can easily check your profile, the partner restaurants, your rewards and the impact that you’ve made as you go along on your day.

This is what you’re greeted with when you download the TangoTab.
480 points the next reward for mine

The reward page simply shows you how much points you have and how much more you need to get to your reward. As you can see, you’ll get more points when your friends use the app through your sharing than simply checking-in to the partner restaurants. However, keep in mind that TangoTab only donates when you check-in so don’t forget!


The TangoTab seems like the way to go when you want to help but in this hectic life, committing a set amount of time to volunteer might be difficult. With just a click of a button, you’re already helping out one person.

All you need to do now is download and eat out!


Do good all while you eat. Download TangoTab here.

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