We had a chance to attend the media preview of Alice in Wonderland exhibition named “Wonderland”. The event was a blast and there are many cool things to see and we can’t wait to share it with you.

Presented and curated by the likes of Jessica Bram (Wonderland curator, Australian Centre for the Moving Image ACMI), Dan Koerner (Creative Director of Sandpit), Katherine Blyn Wakely-Mulroney (Assistant Professor at the School of Humanities, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore) and Stuart Wee (Co-founder of Andsoforth), they, of course, introduced us to their project and spoke a little about how ACMI and the event came about.

Before entering the exhibit, each visitor will be presented with a card/ fold out map that signifies one major character in the story, the likes of The Rabbit, Cheshire Cat, The Queen and so on. It also acts as a map of the exhibition and gives you snippets of what to expect from each part of it.

There is also a quiz you can take via the Chatbot in the ArtScience Museum Facebook page if you would like to pre-determine what sort of character you should get.

By placing the card on the indent at specific places within the exhibit, it will trigger the projection to play an animation that corresponds to something that happens in the story.

Before going in, there is a small corner set up in the floor where the main exhibition is held selling some memorabilia and Alice merchandise; there is even a nice full-color book of Wonderland that is chalk-full of nice illustrations and snippets from the story itself. Do check it out.

Going In

Swirly! Just like the rabbit hole!

If you’re on a guided tour like us, the tour guide would first tell you about how to use the card like we explained in the previous section. Next, you’ll be made to walk through the recreation of the doors that Alice walks through in the story in order to progress into the actual show area.

Be wary that the tiny door is actually a tiny door in real life (no, you don’t shrink); rather people like our EIC, Sal almost destroyed the door while trying to go through it.

The rest of the Exhibition

While we do not want to spoil all too much of what you can, expect props, scripts, illustrations, set photographs of a variety of recreations of Alice in Wonderland throughout film history.

The surprise for me here was definitely the knowledge that there was a Claymation version that had existed in the past and that there were original sketches of Disney’s famous 1951 adaptation of the book on display here.

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Before going into the party, we were sat down in a crafting area where we would be able to do some minor arts-and-crafts to insert ourselves into the wall of interactive display.

You can see the results in a short video below.

Entering the party

The highlight of the show was definitely a light show of the mad hatter’s tea party recreated entirely with the use of 3D projection technology. It’s a joy to watch and definitely will make your entry to the exhibition worth it.

You can watch a snippet here.

Concluding the Tour

Before concluding, there is also an edited short that you can see that is a cut of all the different production versions of Alice in Wonderland.

You can watch a snippet here.

Ticket prices

Ticket prices can vary depending on nationality as Singaporeans will be able to get the tickets for slightly cheaper. There is also an option of saving even more by bulk purchasing a family package of 4 if you so choose. Ticketing prices and details are below:

  • Adult: $18 SGD
  • Concession: $13 SGD
  • Family Package (4 tickets): $12.50 SGD
  • Local Adult: $15 SGD
  • Local Concession: $11
  • Local Family Package (4 tickets): $10.25 SGD

You can book your tickets via the Marina Bay Sands ticketing website here. The exhibit will last 5 months from April 13 to September 22. There is also a short glossary of what to expect on their excerpt page; it also details some of the programmes they have available as part of this Wonderland exhibition.

Details can be found here.

Thanks for reading. See you on the next trip! (If you get my drift)

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