Maybe you’ve seen some videos on the internet on the internet recently, which include zooming in on, or zooming out from, things that are extremely far away – so far that they can’t even be seen with our eyes.

Take this video for example: the person who filmed it was able to zoom in on a pair of people playing chess from their balcony, when they couldn’t even be seen at the start of the video.

That’s not the only instance of its extremely powerful zoom! Others took pictures of their hands, and with that camera’s zoom, the skin cells on their hand were visible.

It’s the phone camera that the Internet’s been raving about this week: the Huawei P30, which boasts an extremely powerful zoom of up to 50x magnification. By comparison, the maximum zoom on most phones on the market now is about 8x magnification!

Huawei’s newer model, the P30 Pro, seems to have the same zooming capabilities as well. Just look at the stark difference in this video, where someone filmed and compared the P30 Pro’s zooming capability against that of an iPhone XS.

People have even tried out the phone’s powerful zoom at concerts! This Twitter user used it at a BTS concert, and the outcome is shocking – the members of the K-Pop boygroup could be seen as a result of using the zoom, despite the person filming it being seated so far away!

Though some have complained that the quality starts to decrease as you zoom in more on an object, that’s something that happens with every phone. Ultimately, no one can really deny that it’s a revolutionary phone camera – as can be seen from the awe on the internet.

Let’s see how long it’ll take before the other big-name phone brands catch up with Huawei’s technology, or better yet, come up with zoom capabilities that don’t result in a decline in photo/video quality!

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