You’ve waited more than a decade for this. You’ve seen our coverage, from the latest trailers to individual posters. Now it’s finally time to book your freaking seat for the movie event of the decade. Avengers Endgame tickets are now officially on sale.

There’s no other movie that’ll even come close to Endgame this year, and that includes Episode IX aka Disney’s other juggernaut. We don’t know how the new Star Wars trilogy will wrap up but we DO know it’s certainly nowhere near as anticipated as Endgame.

We’ve all heard the horror stories of ticket websites in the US crashing due to people booking Endgame tickets. Luckily, Singaporean cinema websites aren’t as hard hit as US sites.

Who are we kidding? At 9.30AM, BOTH Cathay Cineplex and Golden Village cinema online booking sites are down. Nobody’s booking nothing online, baby!

Hell, even the apps came crashing down for a brief period. As of this moment, the apps (Cathay’s at least) are back up so you can go ahead and book.

As per the norm, there are a bevy of different options available. These range from your basic tickets, to more upscale fare, like Cathay Cineplex’s Platinum Suites Movie Dining Experience (which comes with a 3 course meal).

Be warned though, if you’re going for the Platinum Suites, all the good seats for most timings are pretty much gone.

Whatever you decide to do, don’t forget to prepare your bladder accordingly. It’s going to be a long ride (3 hours long to be precise) and you’ll definitely not want to spoil it with even a minute at the loo.

Avengers Endgame will begin playing in cinemas island-wide in 2 weeks, on April 24.

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