It’s time to hang up the bow.

Arrow, the first series that kickstarted the CW’s Arrowverse into something more awesome than what DECU managed to do, is coming to an end. The show will be concluded next year in its eighth and final season with a limited run of 10 episodes.

This may come as a surprise to some that one of CW’s most popular shows is coming to an end but many have noticed the signs of it coming. If you’ve been catching up with the latest season of Arrow and the most recent Arrowverse crossover event called ‘Elseworlds’ then you probably already figured out how Arrow will be ending next year.

Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow is probably kicking the bucket (I’m 90% sure) in next year’s Arrowverse crossover event.

For those who haven’t been caught on the Arrowverse adventures, the current season of Arrow has introduced a new female Green Arrow (Oliver’s other half-sister called Emiko) who is most likely going to be taking on the mantle from Oliver once he’s gone.

As to why he’ll be gone, in the ‘Elseworlds’ crossover event, Oliver made a deal with a cosmic entity (the Winchesters would be proud) called the Monitor in order to save The Flash and Supergirl from certain death.

However, the details of the deal aren’t shown except for a scene with the Monitor asking Oliver how he proposes to maintain the balance of the universe since one change requires another.

Since it is now confirmed that the Arrow show is ending, we can safely assume that the deal Oliver made is to sacrifice himself instead to balance the scales and save his friends.

As for now, all we can do is wait in hopes that the final season will do justice to the Arrow series by giving it a well-deserved conclusion.

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